Business Software solutions

At SecretScreen, the Business Software solutions are tailored to the specific needs of each company.

Developed to integrate all the features that simplify operations and better respond to the requirements of each business, they become indispensable for efficient daily management.



Central management software for IT platforms

A central IT platform management software is an intelligent system that links all information, data and processes to facilitate daily management activities. It saves time, improves accountability and coordinates all IT platforms in one place. Find the right tool at SecretScreen and enjoy the many benefits in your company's productivity, such as greater resource efficiency and improved internal satisfaction rates.



Queue management software

Queue management software is designed to organize and order flows of people, in order to optimize the service. In addition to reducing waiting time in general, it helps users to have a more pleasant experience and feel more satisfied with the service. SecretScreen provides queue management solutions for all types of space and use, from the simplest to the most complex, with installation, maintenance and technical assistance services.



Digital Signage software

Digital Signage software is the system used to organize and manage the content displayed on digital communication devices. This dynamic form of communication is increasingly in demand, largely due to its proven effectiveness in interacting with the public. Moving images, videos and the ability to instantly change the message make it possible to present relevant and seductive information on all screens. SecretScreen is the right choice to respond to your company's needs with complete satisfaction.

Customized software

Customized software allows you to optimize and simplify your daily business management processes. By being fully customized and adapted to the reality of each company, it adds value and a positive impact on the productivity. At SecretScreen we develop software tailored to the specific needs of your project.